How to set up Square & Jumper (for restaurants) by

How to set up Square & Jumper (for restaurants)

What's included?

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Connecting Square with Jumper
How to sync Square with Jumper
3 mins
Setting up an online store in your Square dashboard
7 mins
Store Setup
How to set up your business and location settings on Square and Jumper
6 mins
How to enable and disable menus with Jumper along with Square
4 mins
Sales Channels
How to generate orders through Facebook
8 mins
How to take restaurant orders through Instagram
5 mins
How to set up your Jumper website
3 mins
How to embed your menu within a blog page
2 mins
How to take orders on your website with a chatbox
3 mins
How to sell your products on YouTube
4 mins
Advanced Setup
How to customize your checkout flow messages
3 mins
How to add a Facebook pixel to your Jumper account
3 mins
Order Management
How to take and process orders with Square and Jumper
7 mins
How to manage orders with Jumper (if you’re not using Square)
4 mins
How to analyze your analytics data in Jumper
3 mins